Cole 4 Months

Before Cole was born I had ZERO baby experience!! Therefore, a lot of his developmental stages have been so fun and come at a surprise because I literally have no idea what to expect. Soooo this past month became one of my favorites but at the same time totally threw me for a loop.

It became one of my favorites because our little man learned to giggle!!

Oh my gosh, my heart just melts every.single.time.

This past month threw me for a loop though because ever since Cole was 8 weeks old he slept through the night and wouldn’t wake up until 5:30-6:00am. Then, insert month 4 and apparently (I’ve recently learned) that’s when babies experience their first sleep regression when sleep patterns become more adult like = one tired momma (two night time feedings instead of the one early feeding).

Oh, and naps are becoming shorter too…

He is still loving his thumb and this past month found his toes, which have become his new favorite toy. I think he might be starting to teeth too because he is starting to shove everything in his mouth now.

Oh joy! 🙂

He’s getting stronger by the day and more and more talkative with each day too. We’ve officially entered into the phase where he no longer sleeps on the go everywhere anymore and I have to be careful where I put him when I walk away from him because he wiggles and rolls.

One of Cole’s biggest highlights of the month was flying on an airplane for the first time. He flew to Missouri to see his grandma and grandpa. Cole got to meet his Cousin Lee, Uncle Doug, and Aunt Candice for the first time as well as his great grandma, great aunts, and other cousins (I get confused with the whole second cousin or first cousin removed lingo so I’m just going to call them cousins haha).


Smiling, giggling, sucking on his thumb, playing with his toes, looking in the mirror, sleeping on his tummy, holding hands, and being talked to with funny facial expressions.


Being hungry and being ignored (he’s a lover and needs lots of it).

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