Cole 5 Months

Before I sat down to write this blog I went back and re-read Cole’s 4 month blog. I stated in the beginning that it was my favorite month thus far and well, I’d have to say that now month 5 has become my favorite. I have a feeling that this pattern is only going to continue as the months go on (until he learns how to talk back probably, haha)!

It was a month filled with lots of smiles, giggles, and independent play. Once we got past the 4 month sleep regression phase things fell back into place and we were all getting sleep again. Cole slept in his crib by himself all month and did great! Most nights he will sleep 7 hours straight but a few times over the last month we got a couple of 8-9 hour stretches. Oh, and this past week he started taking actual naps morning and afternoon anywhere from 1-2 hours long!!!! Praise the lord! This momma can get a lot done in an hour after months of getting stuff done in only short little windows of time.

Our lounger pillow, which has been our most amazing baby purchase yet, is sadly coming to an end. We’ve had this pillow in our bed for sleeping in the beginning weeks, as a booster to reach his activity gym set as you see in the pictures, and as a way for Cole to see us cook/eat dinner by placing him on the table. He has become too long for it though¬†and now gets bored in it as you’ll see below…and yes we took a picture of our son before helping him up, HA! ūüėČ

Cole “talks” like crazy and now that he’s gotten stronger enjoys tummy time much more.

He¬†loves to explore the world but would rather do so from higher up so he doesn’t miss anything.


Putting everything¬†in his mouth, being pulled up to sit/stand,¬†playing with his toes and pulling his socks off, toys that light up, sleeping on his tummy, exploring people’s faces and sucking on their knuckles, and as of recently – his dogs Boomer and Max!


Loud noises, he’s a sensitive little guy.

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