Cole 6 Months

Over the last month our little Cole-man has grown so big, so fast!

He’s still as smiley as ever and loves to giggle, which melts our hearts so much.

We said goodbye to our bassinet feature on our stroller this month and hello to the big boy seat.

We also introduced Cole to his high chair in preparation for starting to eat solids.

Cole is still practicing how to sit up like a big boy, we are so close!!!

We call this his “gorilla sit” haha đŸ™‚

He is continuing to “talk” like crazy and can’t get enough of his tongue these days.

Cole can push all the way up on tummy time now and lift his hips under his knees so it’s just a matter of time before he is on the go. As for now he continues to inch forward and then falls over as he falls off balance.

I have a feeling that next month I’m going to have a whole lot to update everyone on as we introduce solids and this little guy continues to get stronger and stronger.


Playing in his bouncer, seeing daddy when he comes home from work, using us a jungle-gym, snuggling, standing up, his toys, playing peek-a-boo and as of lately – reading books and turning the pages himself.


The same stuff….loud noises, too many people in his face, and being hungry.

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