Cole 9 Months

I think it’s safe to say that this little guy has one BIG personality!

Featured above is his standard open mouth “roar face” as we like to call it. Don’t get me wrong, Cole definitely has his bad/classic baby moments where he cries (usually when it’s just me and him – I swear I’m not making that up, haha) but overall we are blessed to have a happy, healthy baby who brings SO MUCH JOY to our lives.

Who knew though that just 1 week after he turned 6 months old our family would be put through the ultimate test with Brandon’s diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Cole has spent the last 3 months of his life living in and out of hospitals going to visit daddy. In the beginning phase we spent pretty much all day there but as he’s gotten older our visits have gotten shorter. He’s more mobile now and needs to burn off the energy.

I never struggled with a ton of  “mom guilt” before but once all of this came about it hit me hard.

OMG I’m a terrible mom because…”I’m holding him for naps”, “we are never home”, “he isn’t get any time to play on the floor”, “he’s spending too much time in the car seat”, “I’m feeding him in the stroller”. The list goes on and on BUT thankfully  he didn’t seem to be phased by it all too much in the end. Over the past 3 months he has developed into an eating, crawling, playing machine and as of recently has learned how to pull himself up!

Ugh…if only these tiny humans came with an instruction manual 😉

Our kid eats like a champ and HATES when the food is all gone. We’re working on sign language and the sign for “all done” never ends well, HA! Oh and did I mention he’s teething and literally puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, everything…

Still no teeth yet but that day is near.  Until then he’ll just keep chewing on whatever he can get his hands on.


He sleeps 11-12 hours at night, can drink out of his own cup, and is working on feeding himself now.

He Likes 

His mommy, snuggling, to smile/giggle, exploring, taking baths, the pool, and basically all food.

He Dislikes

Being told no, mommy being out of sight, being hungry, and putting his arms in shirts.

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