July 2016

July 2016 – what a month!

We put a lot of miles on our feet during this past month and made some great, lasting memories with family and friends. We got to California in the Fall of 2014 and Brandon was deployed during the summer of 2015. Hence, this summer has been our first summer together in California and we’ve been trying to make the most of it.

We celebrated the 4th of July weekend with Brandon’s parents, Scott & Lani, up in Monterey. We drove up the PCH from our house to get there and made a few pit stops along the way – see picture on left. Then enjoyed that Saturday touring the city of Monterey.

                  IMG_5884   IMG_5894

Just a few miles south of Monterey is Pebble Beach so while we were up in the area we also took advantage of that. We drove around the area and also ate lunch on the 18th green as we watched golfers come in.


A sweet treat to the trip was a dinner date not only with Scott and Lani but also with some of our friends stationed a few hours north of the area. Monterey is a good halfway point between ours and their base.


Brandon went to ASU with both of them, Brandon and Angela. The neat thing too is that Angela is only a few weeks behind me in terms of pregnancy so next time we meet up we will both have little boys to play together with!

The following weekend Brandon and I met his oldest brother Brian and girlfriend, Stefanie, down in the L.A. area and went to Universal Studios together. Stefanie and I are big Harry Potter lovers so we made the trip happen once we learned Harry Potter World opened in California this past spring.

                   IMG_5921   IMG_5922

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to ride hardly any of the rides at the park but I was still able to enjoy time with family, getting my steps in the for the day that’s for sure, experiencing Harry Potter World (which was amazing), and capturing some great pictures. We had an awesome time!


Weekend #3 in July was spent in AZ where our little Cole man was spoiled at his baby shower.


The girls spent the morning at the shower while the boys were on the golf course together.


Finally, we enjoyed being true Americans at the California Mid-State Fair located about an hour north of us. On Saturday Brandon and I went to see Blake Shelton and Sunday we went with friends to see Tim McGraw.


Like I said before, what a month!

We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family in our lives and truly cherished each and every moment we got to spend with them this month. August is another busy month for us but then September is a down month in preparation for baby in early October!

Hope y’all have been having an amazing summer as well and are enjoying it to the fullest!

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