Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated substances derived from plants. Whether you use essential oils for aromatherapy purposes, personal care, or household solutions every aspect of your daily life can benefit from the incorporation of these oils!

True wellness can be found when harmony exists between the mind, body, and spirit.

To experience the transformative benefits of essential oils you can use them:

Aromatically: inhale directly or use in a diffuser

Topically: apply directly to the skin

Internally: add to meals, drinks, or capsules

Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory nerves, which sends a signal to your brain’s limbic system. When the limbic system receives these signals it triggers emotional, physiological, and hormonal responses. When essential oils are absorbed topically through the skin they travel into the lymphatic system where they then circulate into the bloodstream.

 Essential oils can also be used in conjunction with other household products to create toxic-free cleaners and/or personal care products such as face wash, body scrubs, etc. Pamper your body from the outside in and keep your home and family healthy by avoiding the dangerous toxins found in may of today’s manufactured products.




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