Young Living Convention

Last week one of my girlfriends and I attended the 2016 Young Living International Grand Convention. It was amazing and of course, naturally I want to share some of the highlights from the event with you here!


Most of you probably already know this about me but I LOVE to LEARN!!! I can’t get enough of it. I’ve discovered in the past couple of years that the way I learn best is audibly. So, with that said, I’d rather listen to people speak in person than read about it online or in a book. That’s one of the reasons I signed up to attend the conference this year held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The founders of Young Living Essential Oils, Gary and Mary Young, took this years convention to the next level. The crowd was so large that many of the events and workshops were held in the Vivint Smart Home Arena (where the Utah Jazz plays) which holds 20,000 people and as you can see below…we packed the house!!!


I loved learning more about the foundation of Young Living and it’s history. I had no idea that the company was operational in 15 countries around the world and they are continuing to grow. Those countries include: Canada, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Sweden, UK, Germany, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and Japan.

When I first started shopping around for an essential oil company to get started with I was attracted to Young Living for 2 reasons. Firstly, because of their Thieves line I had heard so much about but secondly because of their Seed to Seal process:


Young Living is active in the production of their oils from the time the seed is placed into the ground until it is sealed in the bottle!

Favorite Moments

*** Seeing Gary Young speak for the 1st time!

I really enjoyed one of the talks Gary gave on the emotional applications of essential oils. Throughout the speech he gave great quotes and reminders about how in life we can either choose our emotions or let the emotions choose us. We have to take control of our emotions by first accepting them, then expressing them, and finally releasing them. He went on to describe how we as humans have the ability to change behavioral patterns and how we see ourselves.

Everything that happens in our life is run by emotions and through the use of essential oils we can help combat those emotions before any physical symptoms occur. It’s all about prevention!

*** Experiencing the EXPO where I could see many of the old and new products in person. One of the best parts was that they had all the essential oils out so you could smell and/or sample them!


Although I have to admit being 6 months pregnant at this conference made it difficult to stand around all those smells for an extended period of time. My sense of smell was overcharged!!

*** Getting tons of new reading materials and essential oil goodies like a car diffuser and handheld travel diffuser which I’m so excited to try!


* Also, I loved learning about all the great information on marketing and business. I have no background in either area and it was really interesting to learn more about these approaches within the company.

Being a military wife it’s hard to always pick up and start a new career every few years and quite frankly it’s a bit demoralizing for me. You have to start at the bottom every time and make your way up and when you’ve finally made your way up it’s time to move again. With baby Cole on the way, I’m choosing to be a stay at home mommy. With Brandon constantly gone for work, the cost of day care, and having no family nearby it will make our lives a lot easier. Plus I will get to spend more time with my son and help our family live a healthier lifestyle (which you all know is the #1 most important thing to me). So, with that said, I am taking on the business side of things with Young Living not only because I believe and love their products but also because it will help give me my identity outside of being a mom/wife.

*** Finally, ending the conference with a Lady Antebellum concert! So FUN!!!


All in all it was a great experience and I’m so glad I went! I can’t wait to continue to grow more within this company and improve not only my health through the use of their products but also my families and all of yours of course if you are ever interested in getting started.


Stay healthy 🙂 Choose Joy! Love the life you live.

~ Tina

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